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We manufacture and sell products made from eco-friendly wood plastics.

  • Floorboard for curing W board
  • Floorboard for agricultural sector Diban
  • Synthetic rubber mat FIT-KUN
  • Ready-mixed concrete inducer RUBURI
  • Residual concrete modifier TERA
  • Rice husk processing furnace

Floorboard for curing

Floorboard for curing W board

W board

Demand for W board has been increasing because it is lighter than the iron floorboard, easy to transport and construct. It is cheaper than plastic and environment-friendly.
Colored W boards also can be provided.
Innovative long-length W board is ideal for passages in PVC greenhouses and for curing the running motion of mini trucks.

Features of W board

  • More high-performance than general polyethylene resin floor boards!
    Increases compressive strength by 40%!!
  • Stable production at two newest factories in Japan !
  • Launched from The University of Tokyo!
    Eco-friendly resin floor board excellent at adopting the great strength of composite plastic material
See more details regarding W board.

Floorboard for agricultural sector

Floorboard for agricultural sector Diban


Convenient floorboard released!
Sturdy, lightweight, and low-priced floorboard exclusively for the agricultural sector.

Features of Diban

  • Curing floorboard for agricultural sector
  • Sturdy, lightweight, and low-priced
  • Domestic production with secure (Acquisition of ISO9001)
  • Uses "Wood Plastic", a composite material which plastic (polyethylene) is reinforced with wood fibers
See more details regarding Diban.

Synthetic rubber mat

Synthetic rubber mat FIT-KUN


Stronger, lighter and easier to carry than rubber mats.

Features of synthetic rubber Mat FIT-KUN

  • Softly fits to the ground
  • Lighter and harder than rubber mats, making it easy for people to carry
  • Wide variety of sizes compared to ordinary rubber mats
See more details regarding FIT-KUN.

Ready-mixed concrete inducer

Ready-mixed concrete inducer RUBURI


Inducer for pumping ready-mixed concrete developed by Take cite Co., LTd., replacing with a mortar inducer.

Features of RUBURI

  • 90% reduction of the waste of mortar inducer
  • Unnecessity of 1 vehicle for mortar inducer (leading to CO2 reduction)
  • Eco product reusing sludge of ready-mixed concrete
See more details regarding RUBURI.

Residual concrete modifier

Residual concrete modifier TERA


Residual concrete modifier developed by TAKE cite Co., Ltd.

Features of TERA

  • Residual concrete becomes non-industrial waste
  • TERA helps to build compliance systems because there is no need to transport residual concrete outside the site.
  • Residual concrete modified by TERA can be used as RC material available for scattering on-site parking lots or reclaiming puddle areas
  • The amount of water used to wash around the hopper can be greatly reduced, and the environment of the site can be preserved.
See more details regarding TERA.

New technology enabling safe extraction of amorphous and soluble silica

Rice husk processing furnace

Rice husk processing furnace

The underutilized rice husks become rice husk ash, which contains beneficial amorphous soluble silica while producing heat.

Features of rice husk processing furnace

  • High amount of heat can be obtained from rice husks, that is, dry biomass
  • Heat treatment with advanced control technology, and no emission of harmful substances
  • Produces rice husk ash containing beneficial amorphous soluble silica
See more details regarding the rice husk processing furnace.