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Rice husk processing furnace

Rice husk processing furnace

The underutilized rice husks become rice husk ash, which contains beneficial amorphous soluble silica while producing heat.

  • High amount of heat can be obtained from rice husks, that is, dry biomass
  • Heat treatment with advanced control technology, and no emission of harmful substances
  • Produces rice husk ash containing beneficial amorphous soluble silica

New technology enabling safe extraction of amorphous and soluble silica
  • Rice husks contain approx. 20% weight ratio of silica (SiO2 silicic acid), but if simply burned, the silica will crystallize and become less soluble in water.
  • In the rice husk processing furnace, silica can be extracted from rice husks in an amorphous and highly soluble state.
  • It is now possible to manufacture "rice husk silica ash" depending on the application, such as agriculture, industry, and food additives, etc.
  • The rice husk processing furnace was introduced to JA-Imizuno in 2018 and has a proven record of commercial operation.
Rice husk processing furnace
Features of rice husk-derived silica
Amorphous No peak
Analysis method: X‐ray diffraction
Soluble Over 50%
Analysis method: potassium fluoride method
Composition table of rice husk silica ash

Composition table of rice husk silica ash
Other compositions: K2O, CaO, MgO, etc.

Various types of rice husk processing furnace
Model Processing power Approximate dimensions (furnace body + holding chamber) Heat exchange amount for hot water boiler
MTP-200 120kg / hr 6,500L×2,800W×5,500H Approx. 142kW
MTP-100 80kg / hr 5,900L×2,100W×5,100H

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