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Basic information about Wood Plastic Technology Co., Ltd., such as location, stated capital, and details of business.

Company name Wood Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.
Tottori Head Office and Factory
■Tottori Head Office and Factory
605-33 Tani, Kurayoshi City, Tottori, 682-0954, Japan
TEL: +81-858-24-6650 FAX: +81-858-24-6651

■Tokyo Head Office
Koishikawa Food Retailing Bldg. 2F
3-1-24 Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 112-0002, Japan
TEL: +81-3-5844-3366 FAX: +81-3-5844-3367

Okayama Factory
■Okayama Factory
(In Kume Industrial Complex) 50-85 Kumeazadanchi,
Tsuyama City, Okayama, 709-4612, Japan
TEL: +81-868-57-7320 FAX: +81-868-57-7321

■Nagoya Sales Office
Meiko Bldg. 2F 1-17-13 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya City. Aichi, 460-0003, Japan

■Yamaguchi Sales Office
In Ube Kyouritsu Sangyo, 555, Oaza Kawakami Ishibotoke,
Ube City, Yamaguchi, 755-0084, Japan
Established Established in February 4, 2008
Stated Capital 157,050,000 yen
Representative Director Tota Nakayama
Details of Business Manufacturing and sales of wood plastic pallets
Consulting on utilization of biomass and biomass town
Technical Advisor Naoto Ando, Professor Emeritus at The University of Tokyo Laboratory of Woodbased materials & Timber Engineering, Department of Biomaterials, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Naoto Ando
Naoto Ando
Born in Tokyo, Ph.D. in Agriculture, Professor at Graduate School of Agriculture and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo
Graduated from Department of Forestry, Faculty of Agriculture, The University of Tokyo and completed the master’s program on the postgraduate levels
After working at a housing company, Naoto Ando worked as an assistant at The University of Tokyo, a director at the Research Institute for Housing Companies, a guest associate professor at Wood Research Institute, Kyoto University, an Institute for Wood Housing, an associate professor at the Graduate School of Agriculture and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo, and then became a professor at the Graduate School of The University of Tokyo since 2004.
[Major awards received]
1987: Award from The Japan Wood Research Society
2001: Award from research fund for wood material/ wood structure technology
2002: Architectural Institute of Japan's Annual Architectural Design Commendation
2008: Board chairperson award for the Wood Product Use Campaign from Japan Wood Products Information and Research Center
Affiliate Company
History February 2008: Establishment of our company
December 2009: Final completion of Okayama Factory
September 2010: Released pallet product
July 2012: Okayama Factory was certified ISO9001
February 2013: Establishment of WPT Engineering Co., Ltd.
December 2013: Final completion of Tottori Factory
August 2014: Released W board
February 2015: Released SEKISOU-FIT
May 2015: W board was registered in NETIS
June 2015: Tottori Factory was certificated ISO9001
February 2016: Head office relocation in Kurayoshi, Tottori
February 2018: Establishment of Nippon Silica Circulation Co., Ltd.
Affiliated organizations